This is our 40th year but 10 years ago Ross Metcalfe addressed the the club with a bit of interesting history.

Antique Motorcycle Club of Manitoba
30th Anniversary
Submitted by Ross Metcalfe
It is well known that Siggi and I organized the club back in January of 1977. The first meeting was held at the old Rothman’s board office on St. James Street.

There was free coffee and free small sample packages of cigarettes for all members who attended. It was an excellent meeting place.
In January of 1977, 16 members paid their $5.00 dues and thus began the AMCM. By the March meeting, the membership had swelled to 26.

Although some may say the first meeting constitutes a charter member,

I would like to let the record reflect that anyone who joined in 1977 would be referred to as a charter member.

And so, here they are:
January 1977 meeting  As of Nov2011
Ross Metcalfe                   active member
Siggi Klann                           active member
Jim Bailey                            active member
Bert Bentley                       deceased
Tim Forrest                         deceased
Len Hardy                            deceased
Jim Harrison                       active member
Cam Lennerton                 deceased
Dave Oates                         deceased
Allan Proctor                      deceased
Tiny Robins                         deceased
Fletcher Reid                     deceased; his son still owns his Indian Chief
Graeme Smith                   active member
Barry Seib                           active member
Stan Townsend                 in the neighborhood
Ed Wiebe                             deceased; his ‘38 Chief went to Regina
March 1977meeting
John & Pat Choquette         active members
Jake Dyck                            not known
Tom Ellison                         moved out of province
Laddie Nos                          deceased
Philip Paterson                  not known
Jim Simmons                      deceased (2012)
Jim Gold                               in the neighborhood
Ray Houde                          active member
Pat Larmigan                      not known
T. H. Metcalfe                     deceased

Here is the updated list of Past Presidents:
1977 Ross Metcalfe
1978 Ross Metcalfe
1979 Jim Harrison
1980 Jim Simmons
1981 Ed Pauch
1982 Mike Baraschuk
1983 Randy Maunder
1984 Craig Kraft
1985 Craig Kraft
1986 Barry Seib
1987 Siggi Klann

1988 Ed Maisey
1989 Ed Maisey
1990 Ed Maisey
1991-2001 Jim Harrison

2002 Jerry Stubbington

2003 Jerry Stubbington
2004 Greg O’Kane

2005 Greg O’Kane

2006 Jim Reimer

2007 Jim Reimer
2008 Jerry Stubbington

2009 Jerry Stubbington

2010 Ross Metcalfe

2011 Ross Metcalfe

2012 Ross Metcalfe

2013 Ross Metcalfe

2014 Ross Metcalfe

2015 Ross Metcalfe

2016 Rick Poirier

2017 Rick Poirier

2018 Rick Poirier

2019 Barry Fudge

2020 Kim Robinson

Updated July 2019

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