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    WANTED:  Amal 276 carburetor,  one inch bore.  Just body & float chamber OK.  Will replace all jets, slide etc.
                      British style 7/8″ handlebars – about 28.5″ wide,  2.75″ rise,  3.5″ pull-back
    Contact Tom   tomles@mymts.net  or  204 324 6984

  • Wanted

    WANTED To complete Manitoba Motorcycle license Plate run 1919 1922 1927
    and also a WW2 Leather dispatch rider’s Jerkin
    Old Nicholson Brothers and North West Cycle catalogues

    Contact Ross at moose102 at mymts.net or 831-8165 and I’ll make you rich.

    Please see www.manitobaplates.com