June 18th*Note date change due to Bison Rally

AMCM Monthly Meeting at Harley Davidson of Winnipeg 1377 Niakwa Rd E.  7:30pm

*Sanctioned Vintage Ride

2019 Bison Rally Registration form:

Registration Form


Tea and Custom Cookies

at the High Tea Bakery in honor of Father’s Day

Had a good turnout for the Bike display at the High Tea Bakery
The weather co-operated and the cookies were excellent.


The Moto Social event



Many members made it out to the “Growler” motorcycle show at the Little Brown Jug venue this past weekend starting off another season of motorcycle events.


A look back at an early member of the AMCM with a few interesting and colourful stories click on the pic:









AMCM event recap 

Bud Spud and Steak April 18 held at the Belgium Club

Spina Bifida  Fundraiser

 The AMCM ended up with about 14 (two Bikes) from the Club attending.  Two tables and as a group cleaned house at the silent auction.  Terence said it was the first sell out and one of the biggest turnouts for them at the Belgium Club.

Rob won two prizes plus a large item, Jerry three, Don three and Tom’s son Terence won a prize and a pile of cash on the 50/50.  We backed Jim’s wagon up to the back door and shoveled out the loot like bandits. Rob was on his BMW so Jerry pitched in and they left with a loaded truck. 

Spina Bifida did very well to, Terence barely had a chance to sit down.


Best food at a BS&S ever, plus cake and coffee for dessert. $20.00

Jets score early everyone left happy.  


Thank you to all who attended 

Tom and Chas will let us know when the next one takes place. Should be in Morden, always a good time.



Feb 12th Tech Night hosted by John Thompson
Many subjects were discussed but the main focus was on gearboxes.
15 people were in attendance and while there were many interesting bikes on display inside the shop there were none in the parking lot.


Picture 1 of 7

Great tech night at John Thompson’s tonight. Thanks for hosting John ,sharing your knowledge of pre-war transmissions and letting us have a look through your shop to see what you’ve been up to.
Ken C.


The coldest night of the year so far, still saw 25 members make it out to Keith’s “Save the Rust Museum” for Movie Night

  • The memorabilia raffle raised  $265.00 for Spina Bifida
  • 3 new members and 2 renewals were collected
  • No bikes in the parking lot though




























Thanks Keith for Hosting the Event.



Tech Night: Thursday, January 17th,

On the lift is a 1986 Suzuki Intruder 750 presenting intermittent rear cylinder firing problems…We had a look at it and found a problem and that we now believe is remedied
Thanks Kim and Rick for hosting the evening and thanks for the 41 persons that attended.
*Note: No Motorcycles in the parking lot.



Election Results

Welcome 2 new faces to the AMCM executive…


President: Barry Fudge                                                        Vice President: Ken Charleton


The rest of the executive and volunteer positions will be filled by the incumbents.






Bonneville speedway was very smoky this year due to the fires in California and BC Some days the mountains were completely obscured.

Antique Harley sets record at Bonneville Speedway!

Last year (2017) we set a record of 124 mph in 1650cc class with our 1942 1360cc Harley big twin flathead model U (yes, we are giving up a lot of cubic inches by being in this class). It was set in fuel class, but in reality we were running 85 octane pump gas… when you bring your own carboy of gas, you are automatically placed in “Fuel” class.

Ted Hector (left) and Gary MacDonald lined up for inspection.

We wanted to use low octane because a low compression flathead (6:1) doesn’t work as well with the slower-burning properties of the 100 octane gasoline supplied at the race meet. Last year, the track was in horrible condition (many riders who normally run 120 to 140 mph were bailing out at 100 due to the pot-holes and ruts in the “measured mile” portion of the track). In spite of this, Ted had several one-way runs of 127.

Still waiting

This year, we installed a nitrous kit on the bike. The track was in excellent condition, but because of the abnormally cool weather (68-70 degrees F.) we immediately had problems with our nitrous feed.

Inspector Drew true placing AMA sticker on our bike.

On the runs where it worked (at best, sporadically) we topped 132 mph, and on the runs where it didn’t work at all we did about 126. 

Gary MacDonald

Good luck.
Rick Jones and Ted getting ready at the starting line.


The bike is running and just waiting for the track to clear and the green flag.
Ted hears about is 132 MPH run.



Inspecting the displacement after the return run.
Our record is verified.


2018 “Fishing Trip” a great day for a ride and eating fish dinner … not so good for those who wanted to buy fresh fish to take home as it was opening day for commercial fishing so there was none for sale yet. Funds were raised for the local Spina Bifida cause through pledges and donations.








Rob and Keith went on a bike trip east and share some pics of the trip…


David Pritchard picked up the Best of Show Award at International Norton Owners Association 2018 July Rally in Elma, WA. recently with his 1928 CS1

See a video presentation on the restoration of this bike here: 


The 2018 Burt Bentley Trophy winner (best restored by a club member) Tony Medernach’s 1911 Harley Davidson single


Our AMCM ambassador  for India, Ross Metcalfe reports…

As you know, I spent 15 days in India a couple weeks ago.
There are literally of millions of motorcycles on the roads.
Most of them of the 125cc variety with every second motorcycle a Honda Hero.
As many of our members know, Royal Enfield began in England in the 1890s, and the last one sold in Canada in 1970.
But in India, they continue to make the 500cc Bullet which, in that country, is a very large motorcycle.
Even though they are made in India, the Royal Enfield is rare as they are expensive compared to the small bore bikes.
I just happened upon the local Royal Enfield club in Delhi as our tour made a lunch stop at a roadside restaurant.
In the parking lot, there were 40 or 50 bikers all wearing red t-shirts.
They told me that on April 8th (that day), every Royal Enfield club in the world was out for a ride titled “One Ride Around the World”.
You would have thought it was our corn roast as they were having a blast playing games such as Slo Races.
My last comment would be, Royal Enfield is the only motorcycle company that can boast having spanned three centuries.

Cheers, Ross



These members were hands on in the rescue and restoration of the Dunlop Trophy
that hung in the MMC clubhouse that was destroyed by fire, Great job guys.

The Restored plaque which was first awarded to a MMC member in 1911 will hang in the meeting room at Harley Davidson of Wpg.


RainMan action figures on sale now.



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