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The return of the Brough Superior SS100 There’s a girder front fork, air-and-oil-cooled 998 cc V-twin motor, making 140 hp and 92 ft-lb of torque, The cost is expected to be under 100,000 Euros If you are still interested their online catalogue is Here


A Lap Around the Isle of Mann on a Motorcycle Made from Meccanno Here is a link to the video that John brought to the March meeting. Amazing video, but 60 minutes long, so not for the members with ADD ;-) http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x198i69_new-james-may-s-toy-stories-the-motorcycle-diary_shortfilms


THE BUFFING WHEEL Of all the refurbishing jobs I love to do and with my restoration hobby, there are quite a few The one I like least, and there are not a great deal is a marathon session on The Buffing Wheel Clad in gloves, hat and mask on my face I look like an alien from outer space! That alloy chaincase or front wheel backing plate come up with a shine that bikers appreciate Black stick for the rough stuff- then brown to finish end up with white, finally green for a polish  Now off to the shower to get rid of the feel of the disgusting black stuff off – -  THE BUFFING WHEEL!

By Tom Hessom


A hardy group of members and guests made there way out to the 13th annual Metcalfe’s Movie Night. Jan 28th. The temps were not as cold as it had been earlier this winter but still definitely winter in MB. At least it wasn’t storming.  A number of two wheel themed films were viewed during the evening including one strange “motorcycle movie” that had most everyone in the room laughing. Thanks Ross for opening up your home once again an allowing us in to your personal museum of motorcycles and related memorabilia. _________________________________

Fifty six members, spouses and guests gathered at the Pony Corral Pier 7 Restaurant for the Annual Christmas Dinner. President Ross; resplendent in a dark suit and tie with his excuse being that he had come directly from a school meeting, welcomed everyone especially our guests from the CVMG. He thanked Tom for his years as club secretary and welcomed Kim to the post. The new venue proved to be roomier than last years one and dinner was served quickly and efficiently. New member Irvin Peters took photos with his very efficient-looking camera; the proof of which you see accompanying this report. A very good spirit and camaraderie was evident from the hubbub of conversation and it was good to see more spouses in attendance and meet those of the newer members. A fitting wind-up to a very successful AMCM year. Pictures by Irvin Peters ________________________________ ________________________________

Who’s the man behind these sunglasses? Who is behind the sunglasses

It’s a much younger Ray Houde.


Update on the collector plate 

It turns out the collector vehicle plate program will be of no advantage to owners of collector motorcycles unless you were only looking for a different colour plate. Motorcycles have been separated out from other collector vehicles in the program and will receive NO discount on premiums where as others will get a 45% reduction in rates. (based on 12 months insurance cost) ___________________________________________________________________ October Meeting saw our Octogenarian and Honourary Member Billy Watt step up to give a most interesting talk on motorcycling in Manitoba in the 1950′s. Ably assisted by his very old friend Joe Sawtus they had both been members of the long defunct Winnipeg RoughRiders Motorcycle Club, and then later of the Manitoba Motorcycle Club which has now been officially amalgamated with the Antique Motorcycle Club. The MMC was started in 1911 and is the oldest motorcycle club in Canada. Bill was wearing his very colourful RoughRiders jacket with the patches proudly displayed and passed around pictures of motorcycle events of the 40′s and 50′s, and at least one of our members picked out his father in the one old photo. Bill and Joe have been fast friends since they were 8 years old, lived through and survived WW2 and many hair-raising motorcycle escapades together. Joe was heavily involved in all manner of motorcycle racing whilst Bill remarked that the only racing he got involved in was when he was running away from the cops! Told us afterwards that ” the cop is still alive and the bugger lives in Winnipeg!!” This video clip could well become part of the Antique Motorcycle Club’s links with Motorcycling history in Manitoba and certainly remain part of our archives for posterity. Thank you Billy and Joe.


Kathy Harder of  SoulPix Photography has provided a sample of images from her coverage of the 2013 Bison Rally. The complete work will be available at the next meeting or she can be contacted directly : Kathy Harder www.SoulPixPhotography.ca cel: 204-392-b-You(2968)


Okay, run this by me again, to get it running, you tickle it, kick it and swear at it ????


From Greg Kendall


An email was received from Timothy Moulson with a great story and pictures attached. My father FRED MOULSON was a member of the MMC in the late 30′s, 40′s and up to 1955. He was the hill climb champion, dirt track and had won, along with Chuck Noakes (sp), many of the TT races in as a member of the MMC. I, his son, was the mascot for many years. I have several photos of him and even submitted some to the AMA for the museum. In 1955, my dad, mom, brother and myself, along with our dog sparky, left Winnipeg and headed first to Flagstaff AZ., then on up to Victoria, B.C. in a BSA Golden Flash and a home-built sidecar. The trip took a long time – I think a month- but we had the time of our lives. At least that’s how I remember it. He lived there until his death in 1983. He was good friends with Tiny Robbins. I was the youngest of his three children and the only one that took an interest in motorcycling. Today I have a restored (beautiful) 1965 BSA 650 Lightning which I ride on occasion (and a 2007 Honda 600 which I ride almost every day). BTW, my mother back in the late 40′s or early 50′s was one of the women that started the Travelongs – the female branch of the MMC. I still have one of her patches on my leather jacket. Kindest regards,                               Timothy E. R. Moulson


A Winnipeg landmark is closing it’s doors….

canadian mc

A sad day has come, “Canadian Motorcycle At 981 Main Street” is closing. Advertising a blow out closing sale, by appointment only. Call the store for more details on how to get an appointment, or just to leave ole Joe a message as he finally retires. _______________________________________________

The Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of Manitoba is The Antique Motorcycle Club of Manitoba’s official charity organization. check

Ross Metcalfe (pres AMCM) hands Connie Hesom treasurer of the The Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of Manitoba a cheque for $2361.00 representing donations made over the last year at certain AMCM functions. Connie then addressed the meeting with a presentation on Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus and her and her husband Terence’s personal experience with the condition through their son Evan. On a side note during the meeting Evan was in charge if mystery part security making sure no one peeked in the bag.


L to R Connie Hesom, Greg O'Kane Evan Hesom

L to R   Connie Hesom, Greg O’Kane, Evan Hesom


Of possible interest to BMW owners, there is a newly created forum that can be found at: forum.bmwridersmb.ca/




I received a correspondence from Bill I. a former Manitoban now located in Cambodia. He shared with me that he obtained the bronze MMC plaque that hung above  his great uncle’s workbench in the garage after his passing, it now hangs atop his front door. His great uncle Bob S. was a MMC member back in the 40′s and rode an Indian in hill climbing events. More information on the plaque , Bill and his great uncle to follow. Thanks Bill