Whence Came the Swingarm Frame?

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Tech Night

MAGNETOS presented by John Thompson



Movie night at Keith’s Save the Rust Museum


If you had a million dollars…


The ex-Tony McAlpine, Jack Ehret, Australian Land Speed Record-breaking
1951 Vincent 998cc Black Lightning

Sold at Auction for $1.14 million CAD



                                 By The Poet Laurieate


I struggle to sleep and dream at night

and wake in a sweat: in terrified fright


I’d dream of Val Page and Turner: good old Ted

And their extensive use of the crazy British thread


BA,  BSF,  BSW,   even Cycle Thread,

The nightmare continues, even in bed!


And then there’s BSP, or British Standard Pipe

used on oil & petrol lines: just another gripe!


The use of all these threads made the problem greater

No thought for the restorer- – 50 years later?


In 1969,  the problem got worse

as they tried to fit in, with the Universe


Unified Thread was now mixed in with the others

Gobsmacked restorers cursed designers mothers!


We thought all this was over with the metric bike

Millimeters are millimeters,- –  isn’t that right?


But we quickly discovered that this certainly was NOT

A Phillips is not a Phillips, if on top it has a dot


So even the Orientals , I do declare

See fit to perpetuate THE RESTORERS NIGHTMARE



A video from Cuba that includes AMCM member David Blanco

Thanks to Rob Henry we have an English translation of the dialog in the video  HERE: Translation



MMC Gold Medal Winner Sadie Grimm

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The 2017 “Fishing Trip” was again a great outing his year and thanks to Don Charleton we were invited to a tour of a Water Bomber stationed at Gimli airport.  Photos by Lyle Ball




Bonneville Utah, Another motorcycle speed record for Ted and Gary. Vintage APS VF 1650cc record holder , 124.75 MPH is killer fast on a 1942 UL 80″ Harley with a hard tail frame on a washboard track, well done !
 Just got home!  We got a record of 124.75 mph on the two way run.  Our fastest one way time was 127.58 mph.  The track was very rough, especially in the measured mile… lots of guys were baling out at about 100.  We were very happy with our results, but feel that the bike was capable of 130+ mph on a smoother track… she pulled very strongly!




Fun and Games at the 41st Annual AMCM Corn Roast


Ted Hector and Gary Macdonald

will be attempt to set

records at Bonneville yet again

with a new racer.

Aug 29 – 31

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South Beach Casino Show and Shine

Neil Ball AMCM/CVMG- Best Japanese, ’72 Kawasaki H2 restoration
Kim Robinson AMCM- Best European, BMW with sidecar
Tim Klassen AMCM/CVMG- Best British, Norton
Steve Montgomery CVMG- Best Vintage, Harley

Thanks go to Lyle Ball for the photos


Tom’s Rusted Restoration


Here’s a sneak peak of the 2017 Bison Rally video…


TECH TIPS– – – Posted in August 2017


As all BMW slash 7 R100 Airhead owners know,  this model (and several other BMW models ) require a colossal 28 amp/hour 12V battery which is located under the seat and is VERY inaccessible.  There are two bolts on either side of the battery box which only JUST clear the battery width and even after replacing these with carriage head bolts,, still require much tongue work to get the battery out! Not to mention that if these two bolts are removed completely the whole frame collapses because they hold together a hinge point!

I have replaced many batteries over the years, always with the cheapest conventional lead acid flooded type, and always take the battery out to my warm shop over winter & keep it charged, because my garage is not insulated. Despite this they only last one or two years: three at best.


Now it is time to replace the battery again and I decided to pay what I thought would be the extra and go for an AGM battery.  (Absorbed Glass Mat) These are sealed, maintenance free, retain their charge longer,  have more CCA (cranking amps) and are supposed to last three times longer than conventional flooded ones.  An added huge bonus for us BMW owners is that it is  HALF AN INCH SHORTER!


After an internet search I found one right here on the Canadian Prairies !  They ship it for free right to your address (no more going over the border to ND), and it comes fully charged!  And for less than I have been paying for conventional batteries locally.

Details :—

Sask Battery  Regina, SK.  Email; 

Ph 306 781 9844

Update: MB Battery is a partner of Sask Battery located on Logan ave in Wpg



Type  AGM30L-BS/YIX30L  30amp  12V  385CCA

Price  CA$79.50  plus 11% GST = $88.25 delivered


Joe is making progress on his trike…have a look.


Conquering Perimeteritis Ride 2017

Just short of 80 people attended the 10th annual event hosted by Chas Peters and Tom Hesom with help from their families.



AMCM Booth @ 2017 World of Wheels show


Newsletter archive updated with the first year of newsletters starting with 1978 Volume 1 #1

Update… Added 1979 to 1985 issues




    • An article in Motorcycle Mojo Magazine about the MMC ___________Click the Pic…


The Manitoba Motorcycle Club (MMC) or as they were known then, the “Winnipeg Motorcycle Club”(notice the WMC pennant on the 3rd bike from the left) in 1911 getting ready for a reliability run.


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