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John Lowen sends an article relating a great story about his father Irv Lowen a long time MMC and AMCM member.

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The first AMCM Tech Night, was hosted by Dan C. on Jan 20th.

The notion of motorcycle discussion and some ‘hands on’ in the middle of winter brought out about two dozen plus people to the garage behind the garage. Inside the floor-heated, spacious shop there were numerous bikes and projects, as well as coffee and snacks.

Dan brought up the idea as a Rusted Restorations presentation at one of our regular monthly meetings. He suggested a casual get together for members to discuss and demonstrate methods of servicing, repairing , restoring motorcycle projects.

For the first get together, carburetors were the topic and Dan addressed the group, relating some of his findings and methods of dealing with problems and adjustments, handing around examples of carbs and components for all to inspect. Others chimed in with tips and techniques they have used as the discussion progressed. As I suspected, a wealth of information was and can be shared amongst the members.

Having a Tech Night occur on a regular basis was welcomed by most all in attendance. Topics for future get-togethers I heard suggested were: ignition timing, valve lash adjustment, wheel lacing as well as people could bring a component from their own project that they are seeking advice on, as Ken C did, bringing his aluminum gas tank looking for an expert on getting the dents out. Dan says he is up for another night at his place sometime in March.

Everyone can learn something – for example how to rejuvenate rubber components gone hard with age – and if you were at the Tech Night you would have learned this too.    See you at the next one.


Rusted Restorations


 IMG_1972Our friend Joe Sawtus has retired and Alf Kolinger is taking care of the business liquidation


Xmas dinner meeting Dec 15th at the Pony Corral

Election results for the 2016 term:

President – Rick Poirier

Vice President – John Thompson

Treasurer – Gerry Spindler

Secretary – Kim Robinson

Our newsletter Editor for the past 10 years David Pritchard, will get a much needed rest as Ray Millis has stepped up and offered to take over the job of editor and Jim Toews will assemble the Roster.
__________________________________________________________________________________________A note from our outgoing club President…rossmJust dawned on me that I have been riding Vintage Motorcycles for almost 50 years. My friend Ted Hector and Siggy Klann even longer. Especially Ted and my friend Gary MacDonald  with 6 Bonneville Land Speed Records. I have been privileged to call friend, Ray Houde, Joe Sawtus, Tiny Robins, Jake Houtop, Irv Loewen, Bert Bentley, Len Hardy, Laddie Nos, Barry Seib, Jim Simmons, Ed Pauch, Mike Baraschuk, Jim Harrison, John Choquette, Alex Grant and many more who I will write about as I retire as the head honcho.(can’t possibly name everyone in this great hobby)    The 3 amigos will always be my heroes from an era bygone. To Bert, Alex, and Irv “as the going down of the sun”, we will remember them. “We will remember them”. Please buy 3 poppies for 3 of my dearest friends. I will be counting poppies at the November meeting even though the 11th will have past. I will wear FOUR POPPIES to honour my own Father who was a charter member    (WW2 Vet) and the 3 Amigos who allow me and my family the freedom we enjoy and let me live in the land free to do what I choose. Yes, Siggy and I  started the CLUB almost 40 years ago but not a lot has changed as I really think about it. People who like and ride old motorcycles are still my friends and members. Siggy, Ted and I were all in our 20’s when the concept of this club rolled out, so what has changed. Collector value has come into play for some brands BUT.. the real enthusiasts will stay  with  a make and make it work regardless of trends and values as they will buy old and affordable and will still roll down the road with the wind in their hair. That’s what really means something.. So as my term ends, go out and restore an old beast and let the wind be your hair dresser. See you at at my last meeting as chair. I’ve enjoyed the ride. Could anyone ask for more. Cheers  Ross
__________________________________________________________________________________________ConnieConnie Hesom presents Ross Metcalfe representing the AMCM an appreciation award on behalf of the Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus association of Mb. She also reports that the AMCM has raised in excess of $4,000.00 in donations this year alone. AMCM has been giving to the “medical fund” which provides support for “day-to-day” living with SB&H. Connie wondered if we would be interested in spreading some monies to a Recreation and camp fund. We all agreed that we will continue to give the money and know it will be moved into the area where it is need most.FYI – our monies go 100% to the kids….nothing is taken for administration or mailing.

_________________________________________________________________________________________  Have a look at a couple MMC newsletters from 1937…



An old BSA twin, from years ago

No coil or points- – -just a magneto

At the mercy of Joe Lucas,

                      when riding at night 

Yes! You’re right- – No sign of light!


Kick for a while, then kick even harder

Hell no- – there’s no electric starter!

Might kick you back,

                 there’s always that chance

Have to set just right, the spark advance


Oil on my boots, a real fun spoiler

Especially when trying to impress her.

Oil leaks seemed part of BSA’s plan

Even in the showroom, always a drip pan.


Over 50 years have now gone by

We remember those days with a sigh

BSA are no more- – a part of history

Where it is now- –  is just a mystery


I remember well our courting days

And it never, ever ceased to amaze

At the fun we had, just us two 

On that old BSA- – – – 1952 !   

….Tom Hesom



Get well wishes go out to our friend Joe Sawtus.

Long time Motorcycle racer and proprietor of Canadian Motorcycle Sales 981 Main st Wpg.

Joe Sawtus

Click on this link for an article on Joe.

2015 Fishing Trip for Spina bifida


The 39th Annual AMCM Corn Roast corn roast 15


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Click picture to view larger image.

The Stonewall Tribune ran a story of our MMC Run to the Roadhouse on the front page of the July 16th edition

Link to Stonewall Tribune


MMC, Run to the Roadhouse

The sky on Sun July 5th was overcast and threatening rain as the oldest motorcycle club in Canada, the MMC (Manitoba Motorcycle Club) set out on a ride celebrating 100+ years of women motorcyclists in Manitoba. The group of 47 motorcycles made their way north from Winnipeg along the west side of the Red River mimicking a route that may have been taken by Sadie Grimm about 100 years ago. MMC Club members and a group of women riders from the CMMG (Coalition of Manitoba Motorcycle Groups) stopped at Hunt’s Country Roadhouse and Museum near Petersfield, MB for lunch and a self-guided tour of an amazing collection of antiques and memorabilia. After lunch, some of the group continued on to Winnipeg Beach then Teulon and back to Winnipeg, further tracing Miss Grimm’s route of 1914.

Early in 1914 the Manitoba Motorcycle Club offered a gold medal to the first motorcyclist to ride from Winnipeg to Winnipeg Beach. A few tried in the winter, thinking the roads might be passable but the snow was too deep. It wasn’t until late summer that a Miss Sadie Grimm decided to try for the medal. Accompanied by a gentleman friend, she slipped quietly out of town on a Sunday morning early in September. For 25 miles, she had to break gravel 8 inches deep and took several headers.
From Selkirk on, the road was mostly bogs and potholes. After trying some cow paths, Miss Grimm tried the railroad track, finding it bumpy but better than stumps and roots. After 4 hours of solid plugging, she walked into the Empress Hotel and registered as the first motorcyclist to make it to Winnipeg Beach that season. Unknown to her, another motorcyclist with a sidecar and passenger was trying to make it by way of Teulon but ran out of gas. Miss Grimm rested and returned via Teulon, completing one of the most strenuous rides attempted to date by any Manitoba motorcyclist.


Niverville Parade Report

Attending from AMCM were a total of nine bikes, including Chas, Flo, Wally & Joyce and myself from the south, and Ken & Don Charleton, Joe and Sarah from Winnipeg. Greg O’Kane with wife Marie and (I think) grandson from Niverville led the group displaying the AMCM banner. (Hope I haven’t missed anyone.)

This was the first time I participated in a parade, and I found it most interesting. I also discovered that one needs a liquid cooled engine with a fan to be in a parade, because my bike overheated for the first time ever to the extent that the engine sounds changed, and also the fairing of my bike now has a break near the exhaust caused by the heat.



Perimeteritis 2015…

Chas and Tom had anxiously watched the weather networks all week. Forecasts differed but all predicting rain at 80% and some warning of afternoon storms as high as 90% with torrential rain! Plan B was called for and the picnic benches were moved into Chas’ covered “breezeway” and two 10 X 10 tents erected.

An opportunity to try out our newly-arrived AMCM tent, which went up very easily for the erectors following the instruction booklet. As predicted the rain started at about 9am and continued all morning and unfortunately dampened the spirits (literally!) of the less determined, and only about half of the normal Perimeteritis number turned out, mostly on four wheels.

Not so Sarah and Joe! Completely undeterred by the pelting rain; both with no windshields, and in the true sense of “conquering perimeteritis” they arrived, soaking wet but happy and smiling! But even before Sarah and Joe, Wally was the first to arrive all the way from Westbourne. Even Larry Wooly, famous for having ridden his Ural to every meeting for one year, summer and winter, came on four wheels! The terrible affliction known as “Perimeteritis” truly conquered by these brave souls!

Barry Smith and Judy have attended every Perimiteritis for all 8 times and we have relied on Barry, who claims to have great influence, to organize good weather for us and he has come through every time! This time though we feared the worst. His influence must surly have diminished or even been lost altogether! How could the many weather forecasts all be wrong and the predicted late afternoon thunderstorm warnings be incorrect!!? Barry and Judy arrived at about 4pm and as they walked in the skies cleared and the SUN CAME OUT! I kid you not! The guys looked at their phones and the prediction was – – no more rain until the next afternoon! Morden not only had a thunderstorm the next afternoon, they had HAIL!

Thanks once again for another successful “Plan B” Perimeteritis and for all those who braved the weather and came out, plus the many helpers and family who step up year after year.

Tom Hesom



Who is this masked man and what is he doing? find out on the Garage Tour page.


I am still looking for any other input from members with their projects….even some anonymous teaser pictures would be good. I know of at least one Indian in the works stage.

Greg H.


Have a look back at a member’s recollection of attending a great day of motorcycle racing.

Open here for a read… DAY AT THE RACES-1


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