Installing a New Centre Stand Spring

By Tom Hesom

Most restorers reach the stage where the freshly painted centre stand has to be replaced, most likely with a new strong spring.  And most restorers have battled to stretch this very strong spring to fit over the fixing points with some sort of lever mechanism, skinned knuckles, much tongue work and less-than-polite expletives!

Here is an easy way- – – –

  • The bike has to be lifted so as to have easy access underneath where the centre stand fits.
  • Bolt the stand loosely on to the pivot lugs on the frame and hanging downwards. (Don’t forget to grease the pivot points)
  • Put the end of the spring in your vice and bend it over sideways.
  • Then put washers into the gap between the coils.
  • Bend over the other way and put more washers in the other side.
  • The spring will now be longer.
  • Remove spring and try and see if it now fits easily over the fixing points.
  • If not put back in vice and slip in more washers.
  • After the spring fits the washers usually fall out when the stand is retracted to the folded up (riding) position.
  • If not they are easily pulled out with pliers or vice-grip.







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