Top of The Rockies BMW Rally

Four AMCM members who can certainly be categorized as being “the older section of our club”, set off soon after the Bison Rally to attend the “Top of The Rockies” BMW Rally in a small town called Poania, in Colorado. Greg and Marie on their 1972 /6 with Marie in the sidecar proudly flying the Canadian flag, leading. Tom H following on his 1978 R100S and Chas bringing up the rear on his trusty 1975 R90 /6. Chas has owned his old airhead since new and has covered over 300,000 MILES!
No rain or wind but VERY hot approaching the 100 degrees through North and South Dakotas and Wyoming. Cooled off somewhat when we got in to Colorado with the higher altitude. The small town of Paonia (Pop 1200, altitude 8000 feet) was an ideal setting for this medium-sized rally of approximately 700 BMW’s. Stunning scenery, lovely shady camping, magnificent rides through winding mountain passes, all combined to make an unforgettable trip. At 75 next birthday I truly had expectations of winning the “Oldest/furthest Rider” trophy but was beaten by an old geezer who gave his birth date as 1927!
My speedo which measures in Km, read just under 5000 km when we got home and I came to the rather painful realization that this was my “last hurrah!” Just getting too old for long trips and tootling around Manitoba will be my lot in future until I will have to hang up my helmet for good. Those old airheads just hummed along, not without some “incidents” but we all agreed that “what happened in Colorado, stays in Colorado!”

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