The first AMCM Tech Night, was hosted by Dan C. on Jan 20th. 2016

The notion of motorcycle discussion and some ‘hands on’ in the middle of winter brought out about two dozen plus people to the garage behind the garage. Inside the floor-heated, spacious shop there were numerous bikes and projects, as well as coffee and snacks.

Dan brought up the idea as a Rusted Restorations presentation at one of our regular monthly meetings. He suggested a casual get together for members to discuss and demonstrate methods of servicing, repairing , restoring motorcycle projects.

For the first get together, carburetors were the topic and Dan addressed the group, relating some of his findings and methods of dealing with problems and adjustments, handing around examples of carbs and components for all to inspect. Others chimed in with tips and techniques they have used as the discussion progressed. As I suspected, a wealth of information was and can be shared amongst the members.

Having a Tech Night occur on a regular basis was welcomed by most all in attendance. Topics for future get-togethers I heard suggested were: ignition timing, valve lash adjustment, wheel lacing as well as people could bring a component from their own project that they are seeking advice on, as Ken C did, bringing his aluminum gas tank looking for an expert on getting the dents out. Dan says he is up for another night at his place sometime in March.

Everyone can learn something – for example how to rejuvenate rubber components gone hard with age – and if you were at the Tech Night you would have learned this too.    See you at the next one.

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