An old BSA twin, from years ago

No coil or points- – -just a magneto

At the mercy of Joe Lucas,

                      when riding at night 

Yes! You’re right- – No sign of light!

 Kick for a while, then kick even harder

Hell no- – there’s no electric starter!

Might kick you back,

                 there’s always that chance

Have to set just right, the spark advance

Oil on my boots, a real fun spoiler

Especially when trying to impress her.

Oil leaks seemed part of BSA’s plan

Even in the showroom, always a drip pan.


Over 50 years have now gone by

We remember those days with a sigh

BSA are no more- – a part of history

Where it is now- –  is just a mystery


I remember well our courting days

And it never, ever ceased to amaze

At the fun we had, just us two 

On that old BSA- – – – 1952 !   


….Tom Hesom



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