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Patrick William Watt


Billy was one of the first motorcycling friends I met on emigrating to Canada and contributed greatly to my easy transition into my life-long hobby of classic motorcycling. With his vast knowledge and experience of all things motorcycle he was invaluable to a new Canadian fresh from another country where the machines were basically the same but culture, topography and riding weather were very different. Billy was a firm friend to Chas and my grandson Evan, who is the official mascot of our “in-house” charity; The Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of Manitoba. For a very long time after the picture below taken at the 2012 Perimeteritis Run, both Evan and his younger brother Darren insisted that they had met the genuine Santa in person! Billy’s humour and knowledgeable contributions will be missed at future AMCM and CVMG meetings and activities, which he rarely missed. Go well my old friend- – – – Tom Hesom

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