We are starting to believe Barry Smith who claims for the third consecutive year that he “has influence,” and is responsible for organizing the perfect weather once again! Thanks Barry for a perfect Saturday afternoon which saw no less than 50 motorcycles and seven cars out this year.
CVMG President Terry Newstater and about eight of his members were the first to arrive at the meeting place in Carman, soon to be joined by a whack of AMCM guys from inside the perimeter and further north. A couple of casualties (inevitable on old motorcycles) had some being picked up by car and one: said to be a 450cc Honda hooked up to a sidecar with passenger, overheated. Once it had been left to cool down and having shed the passenger we believe it made it the rest of the way. Rumour has it that there were many offers to pillion the female passenger!
The Bob Diemert visit was interesting as were Bob’s stories of classic cars and aircraft. Then Greg and Marie led off for the trip to Morden with a guarantee of getting there after Tom’s offer of leading was turned down by popular vote! Chas’ lawned and shady backyard was again the perfect venue for homemade burgers, chilli and dessert. Over 80 hungry motorcyclists sat down to enjoy the barbecue and ther was plenty of food for even the most voracious apetite. Tom’s burgers fell apart AGAIN much to master barbequer Terence’s displeasure. Too spicy perhaps. The distinctive roar of V8 engine heralded the arrival of the “Black Widow”; a trike with a motorcycle front end built in Morden by students of a local welding school.The helmet was passed and an amount of $260 was donated to our Spina Bifida charity after expenses.
President Ross gave thanks to the organizers, family members and helpers of this 7th Conquering Perimeteritis Run; perhaps the most successful yet.

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