ART Tour 2013

A big thank-you to Ross and Kris Metcalfe for organizing and hosting the destination of the 1st annual Assiniboine River Tiddler Tour.

Sunday Sept 15th2013 saw riders and their 305cc and smaller bikes (Tiddlers) gather at the Tuxedo Shopping Center for the beginning of the tour. The group proceeded along Roblin Blvd. with some stopping at times to Tinker with their “Tiddler” usually addressing fuel delivery problems. Eventually 14 riders and their bikes showed up at the Metcalfe residence although a couple of bikes required the Rescue Ranger to haul them the rest of the distance but after some more Tinkering all were running again. Rollie C. kept track of the riders and their bikes and computing their combined age and ranked them in order. Each rider received a specially labelled and serialed  bottle of ART Tour wine. Ross Metcalfe took bottle with serial # 1 for the oldest combined age score for him and his 1951 Francis Barnett 197cc Tiddler. Barbequed hot dogs and a birthday cake were washed down with some prize wine and soft drinks before people eventually Tiddled off in different directions home.  Talk of the 2nd annual ART Tour has already started so if you have, or come across a small bore motorcycle keep it in mind.

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