2nd Annual”FISHING TRIP” 2012

The group met at the Tim Hortons in Stonewall at 11am on the Tuesday morning as arranged. Very cold but no wind or rain. There were 11 bikes and 14 people. After a hot chocolate warm up we saddled up and rode to Gimli for fish and chips for lunch. Some of the group took advantage of the all you can eat fish (one of our group ate 8 pieces of fish and he is not the biggest person in our group). After a great lunch we went for a walk on the Pier where someone tried to catch their own fish to take home without success. We then went to get the customary picture with the VIKING. Gimli fish was our next stop where most of the group purchased fish one of our group bought 50 pounds lucky(that was why he was pulling a trailer). Our next stop was Tim Hortons on Fermor where we had supper and then went to the meeting. A great ride enjoyed by all despite the cold and we raised  $1835.00 FO Spina Bifida so I would say a very successful day. Thank you to all our riders and passengers and a BIG THANK YOU to all our sponsors.

Kris’Fish Shop did us proud with a special long communal table.
Some of us kept their profit margin to a minimum!
Club Octogenarian Billy Watt was there to heap shame on the wussies
who were too afraid of the cold to go!

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